New To Blu: Detention

This week, we get the off kilter horror film Detention delivered to us in a self indulgent package of pop culture references and extraneous plot twists.

Detention is one of the most gloriously outrageous films I've seen this year. If you can imagine Gregg Arakki and Kevin Smith giving birth to a mutated genre defying piece of cinematic art, you would have Detention, a movie that crosses sci-fi, horror, and the brat pack films of the 80s. It's extremely fun at times and annoying at others. All in all, the film plays like a Scream satire on meth.

The best part of the film is the dialogue. People that experienced the 80s and 90s will definitely enjoy all the references, but may also be overwhelmed by the mile a minute speech patterns that ultimately hinder the comedic jabs at the grunge and fluff eras.

If you're a fan of movies that ultimately make no sense, I think you'll dig this one. You just need to kick back and enjoy the absolute silliness of the film instead of looking for some deeper meaning. Detention is an entertaining horror comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously but is extremely dense in it's drifting plot.