New To Blu: The Dictator

The best thing about The Dictator is the fact that it finally solidifies Sacha Baron Cohen as an unmitigated comic genius. After the success of Borat and the near financial failure of Bruno, I had questioned what Cohen could possibly do to top those politically incorrect comedic features. Well, he out does himself this go round with the funniest, most offensive movie of 2012.

The Dictator never hesitates while offending every ethnic group, every race, religious affiliation and people of every sexual preference. The movie is a disrespectful laugh riot that insults and demeans everyone equally. It's hard for me to laugh out loud when I'm watching a comedy by myself but The Dictator had me cracking up throughout.

While Cohen finally steps away from the documentary style film making of his last two features, he further establishes himself as one of the funniest people working in modern cinema. The Dictator is what I expect from comedy: hundreds of laughs and highly offensive off color humor that truly pushes the limits of what most people might find funny. Cohen is never cowardly in his choices and this is why I respect the man and his movies.