New To Blu: Marley

The new documentary, Marley, not only captures the life and times of the legend but skillfully creates a vivid portrait of revolutionary musician gone too soon. With a running time of over two hours, the film mixes live performances, news footage, interviews and photos in to one of the most interesting musical documentaries I've ever seen.

The film is moving but slightly frustrating as you're given the brief history of Bob Marley's battle with cancer, something that may have been avoidable had anyone been paying attention to the signs.  The movie never manipulates the viewer as they not only delve in to the positives but also touch on his constant infidelities. Marley was not a perfect person but his caring disposition and love for his country are definitely on display in this film, as they were in his life.

Marley is a thorough piece of work that any fan of music will enjoy. It's a bit long but ultimately the running time is necessary to capture the spirit of Bob Marley and his dynamic nature.