Shorts: Possession(s)

Here at the Movie Sleuth, we not only pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest cinematic pieces, but also enjoy the independent shorts that are often submitted to us. The latest one being an 8 minute artistic character driven film called Possession(s).

With most short films, it's hard to develop characters and build a captivating story. Recently, we reviewed Thieves, which did just that. Possession(s) is another independent short that deserves much acclaim for it's use of character in an artistic film set in the world of modern art. While the movie does find some closure for the main character in the 8 minute run time, I would like to see more from the world that they've built here. That alone is an accomplishment for a director.

This film, Possession(s) is quite different from most of the other independent films that we've seen and features a dynamic set of characters set against the backdrop of the modern art world. I would suggest you take a few minutes and check the movie out at this link.