Cinematic Releases: Arbitrage

Richard Gere returns to the genre that's defined most of his career with the dramatic thriller, Arbitrage. This is a realistic film that doesn't paint the wealthy in very positive light. Instead, it furthers the idea that money is the root of all evil and that the corporate elite that inhabit our capitalist society will stop at nothing to reach their financial goals.

While this is a decent film, it struggles to reach the heights that I would expect from a cast featuring Gere and Susan Sarandon. The main issues lie with a terribly unconvincing supporting cast that could barely recite lines in a realistic manner. Most of the actors are stiff and absolutely unappealing and seem like support cast from an episode of Law and Order. Really, this whole movie plays like a procedural drama that just happens to star two great actors.

I enjoyed the movie, but can't give it a strong viewing suggestion. Go in with low expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised. It's a film that depicts some of today's modern issues but struggles to captivate the viewer with its by the book script and performances.