Cinematic Releases: House At The End Of The Street

The stunning Jennifer Lawrence delivers her first post Hunger Games performance in this week's release, House At The End Of The Street. Advertised and marketed as a horror film, the movie is actually more of a modern teenage thriller that delivers many jump out of your seat scares and some skillfully devised moments of sheer tension. While the film is not a masterpiece it definitely offers a new take on the horrors of being a teenager.

House At The End Of The Street is a movie that burns slowly, taking it's time to  build up to a twist and final conclusion that I personally saw coming a mile away. However, I respected the fact that the film is an old school thriller that never crosses the line by becoming a torture porn film or an over the top gore fest. Unlike many other "scary" movies, this one is based on strong performances from all it's leads including Lawrence, Elizabeth Shue, and the long dormant Gil Bellows. 

As a child of the 80s, I was brought up on a steady diet of classic Hitchcock movies and the Michael Douglas "every man" thrillers. That's what I was most reminded of. House At The End Of The Street is a movie about dialogue, character, and the masterful delivery of closure. The violence is done in taste and the little bit of blood is nothing I wouldn't let my children see. I enjoyed the film quite a bit more than I thought I would.