Cinematic Releases: Resident Evil Retribution

This franchise is a zombie. Every time you think it's dead, it comes back. And this time it's not all.

The Resident Evil series picks up from the ending of the last movie and quickly advances in to some of the worst video game adapted material I've ever seen in my life. This is by far the worst of the series and one of the most incongruent movies I've ever had the bad luck of experiencing. Honestly, I've called the other RE movies a guilty pleasure and all four admittedly sit in my blu ray collection. Retribution will not.  Paul W.S. Anderson should be embarrassed and quickly eradicated from the list of go to directors for zombie flicks.

This film is an insult to anyone that enjoyed anything about this franchise so far. The writing is sloppy. The graphics are crap. The acting is a joke. And Li's performance as Ada Wong will be my top pick for worst performance of the year. She's like a stump with tits reciting lines while being eaten alive by mutated zombies. She's that bad.  To top it off, the action is so over the top, it's belligerently mind numbing with it's constant badgering of the viewer. Doesn't Alice ever get to take a 5 second breather? Jesus.

Throughout the film, I couldn't help but notice Anderson's continual use of plot devices stolen directly from Jim Cameron's Aliens and themes ripped off from The Matrix. In my mind I kept thinking one thing over and over again.......PLAGIARIST!!!! Anderson should take note and never direct another movie. I have no idea how anyone gave him a budget based on this trash of a script.

Do yourself a big fat favor. Skip this movie at all costs. Just pretend that the series ended with Afterlife and you'll be happy you did. I think Milla is a great female action lead but she needs to distance herself from the Umbrella Corporation and this series. It's time to move on to far greater things. Maybe she could make an Underworld movie.

I've never hardcore bashed a movie this badly on this site yet, but RE5 deserved the lashing. This is a train wreck of a film that should have never seen the light of day.