New To Blu: The Dark Knight Returns Part One

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Hot on the heels of this summer's theatrical juggernaut, The Dark Knight Rises, DC delivers a full length animated version of the classic comic, The Dark Knight Returns. For some reason (money), DC has decided to make this a two part release instead of cramming it all in to one film. 

Years in the future, Bruce Wayne has retired from his life of vigilante vengeance but must put on the costume one more time to fight a new enemy that has taken over Gotham. Sound familiar?  This might get a bit confusing for some as it shares absolutely no continuity with the Nolan series. However, it's quite apparent that Nolan borrowed heavily from this story arc when developing the last in his trilogy.

This is a great version of The Dark Knight Returns and hits on many of the consistent themes throughout this character's history. The animation is on par with many of the other DC animated films while featuring some excellent voice work. Fans of both the comics and the movies will enjoy the movie but may be disappointed with the lack of closure.