New To Blu: Resident Evil Damnation

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This week sees the release of the latest animated Resident Evil film, Damnation. These films have nothing to do with the established RE live action movies and branch off in their own direction by staying much closer to the video game source material. Fortunately for us, Resident Evil: Damnation is a much better movie than the last Milla Jovovich RE travesty.

The graphics and voice work are above par for a movie based on a game series. Fans of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within will definitely love the attention to detail in this movie. Instead of giving us a series of video game cut scenes, we are delivered a film that is packed with action and likable zombie slayers. To add, the story is much more developed and thought out than the last Resident Evil theatrical release. Personally, I'm a sucker for great computer generated animation and effects. This definitely excels in that department.

Fans of animation, Resident Evil, and action will really dig Damnation. It's much more faithful to the game series and is definitely a step up from that the last entry in the Resident Evil film franchise. If you were disappointed with Retribution, check out this straight to video release. You'll probably love it.