New To Blu: Safe

Statham kicks. Statham punches. Statham shoots. Statham protects a valued gangland commodity. And Statham does the exact same thing he's done over and over again in almost every movie he's ever made while he further proves that he'll continue to do the same again and again. For a running time of 90 minutes, he is constantly barraged by angry men with weapons but is never hit by one stray bullet or injured in the slightest. And this film is set in reality. Right.

That's the problem with his latest release, Safe. There is absolutely nothing new about the movie. It's a boring retread of almost every terrible action cliche in the book. I truly had a hard time finding the will to continue watching as my eyes were continually fighting off sleep during this dire production that stars a couple good character actors, namely Chris Sarandon and Robert John Burke.

If you've never seen a Statham action flick, check it out because it might be something new to you. Otherwise, don't waste your time. This film is neither fun nor entertaining. It's a plateful of typical American action fare served with a side of don't ever make me watch another Jason Statham movie.