New To Blu: Snow White and the Huntsmen

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This is a repost of our earlier review of Snow White and The Huntsman. It releases this coming Tuesday in the blu-ray format

Snow White and The Huntsman is everything last year's Red Riding Hood retelling was not. It's a fun, imaginative, adventurous new take on a classic story that expands an established mythology with a much darker tone. Everything I feared about this movie was ultimately relinquished as the film moves from an extremely slow beginning to the final climactic battle between good and evil.

Kristen Stewart has faced quite a lashing for her performance in this movie. I actually enjoyed her in this role. Yes, she's her typical  wooden self at times but finally proves herself worthy in some absolutely epic sword play scenes. Theron is in top form as usual and out performs every other actor in the film. The highlight for me was this new twist on the dwarves. There are many familiar faces that inhabit the roles of these astonishingly adventurous forest dwellers.

While Snow White and The Huntsmen will probably falter at the box office, it's a refreshing piece of fantastical cinema that truly redefines a classic story. Some may be miffed at the liberties taken, but it deserves respect for the willingness to take that leap of faith while delivering a successful piece of summer fare. 

Sorry Tarsem. This Snow White wins.