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[REC] 3
Paco Plaza continues his zombie franchise with the latest installment, [Rec 3] Genesis. Although it's not quite as good as the last two entries, it's a fun filled gore fest loaded with throwbacks to modern horror classics and enough blood to satisfy the taste of any genre fan.

Many [REC] series fans have taken issue with Plaza's insistence on changing direction with Genesis. For me, it was a welcomed change that finally takes the series out of the dark and in to a new setting entirely, a wedding.

Plaza takes another drastic turn while moving away from the shaky cam found footage style of film making. This was another well executed departure as constant movement tends to give me an eye blistering headache. Also, [REC]3 finally introduces some laughs as Plaza takes a few comedic jabs with some humor directly influenced by Mr. Raimi himself.

I enjoyed myself and had no complaints especially with the stunningly gorgeous Leticia Dolera taking the lead as the main zombie basher. If you're not tired of the zombie genre yet, give this movie a chance. It's a bit different from the last two, but is definitely one of the better horror films of 2012.