Streamers: V/H/S

In the past few months, I've faced the facts and decided that I must finally accept the "found footage" brand of film making and stop repeatedly bashing it. It's here to stay and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's a low budget outlet for many creative individuals and has slowly become an accepted form of film making. In the past year, Chronicle and End Of Watch have both made major headway for this style of film making, and both are the reason I've decided to let my negative views finally fade away.

V/H/S is the latest horror film to make use of the "found footage" style while implementing it in to several ultra violent horror segments. As a horror fan, I enjoyed a few of the stories but found major flaws in the others. Yet, this is meant to be a back to basics horror flick that relies more on old school scares than it does on story telling. In that aspect, it succeeds. Overall, there are some genuine moments of terror that had me squirming in my seat.

If you're into horror and can stand the feeling of constant motion that comes hand in hand with this brand of film making, you'll probably enjoy yourself. Just be aware that you'll feel a bit cheated by a couple of the segments. Unfortunately, not all are created equally.