Cinematic Releases: Silent Hill Revelation 3D - Halloween Horror #7

After the first Silent Hill film became one of my favorite video game adaptations and one of the creepiest movies of the last ten years, I had extremely high hopes for this sequel. The first film was strong on character and built a solid foundation for what could have been a great horror series in a time when we are truly lacking  great scary films. Sadly, this second Silent Hill movie doesn't share much with the first. Sequels be damned!!!

Where the first Silent Hill built a story centered on character development, disturbing imagery and a town under the control of demonic forces, Revelation ultimately fails. The acting is horrible, the story hard to follow (what there is of one), and it lacks the creep out factor of the first. This just feels like a retread that tends to forget some of the happenings of the first Silent Hill. Where it succeeds is in the use of 3D and the creature design. There is no doubt, this film features some of the best three dimensional imagery I've seen. It's used to maximize the creature design and the gore factor to full effect.

I can't say the movie is awful, but it's a definite departure from the first. If you're going to see it, enjoy it for the time spent on developing the evil creatures and the detailed environments. The story is disjointed and cliched for the genre, but I give it a mild pass considering the dedication to making the movie look so good.

Radha Mitchell's character is missed and Sean Bean forgot how to act. But, see it if you're looking for some Halloween escapist fun.