New To Blu: Chained - Halloween Horror #2

In honor of the scariest month of the year, we're once again doing a series of Halloween Horror reviews.

It appears that American horror is finally on the upswing. Seeing two real horror films in a week is a definite rarity and something I welcome with open arms. It also seems that director Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David), may be making her strong presence felt in a genre that's been dwindling for the last decade or possibly more. Chained is the first horror movie in years that actually gave me chills.

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This is not a slasher film and it's not a haunting film either. There is no CGI. There is no immortal killer with a desire for virgins. Instead, there is a blood thirsty man and his protege in a story that could and may actually exist in reality. More horrific than any franchise film could ever imagine being, Chained is a story of inhumane desperation that features a cold blooded, heartless killer doing deeds that will literally make your skin crawl. It doesn't hurt that this film has such a strong pedigree either.  Directed by Jennifer Lynch and starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Chained is a powerful experiment in horrific realism. And it's scary.

I'm happy to report that my disappointment in the American horror menu is finally turning to satisfaction as Sinister and Chained have both delivered an ingredient that's been missing. Maybe they're just the appetizer for what's to come. I'm truly hoping that this is the direction that we're headed because Chained made this grown man squirm in his seat while turning my head numerous times. This movie is not for the squeamish and not for those that have an issue with realistic portrayals of sexually charged violence. However, I suggest you see it. We can all use a little evil sometimes.