New To Blu: Greystone Park - Halloween Horror #6

Greystone Park is the epitome of why I hate most found footage movies. Haven't they figured out that if you make your audience sea sick they're not going to enjoy your festering pile of feces horror movie?  During the opening sequence I was sure that this was going to be creepy as hell. I was ultimately let down with cinematography ten times worse than the The Blair Witch Project and a grade school horror story that had me chuckling throughout. Greystone Park is like an episode of Ghost Hunters on meth. Seriously. Did you see that? Did you hear that? What was that noise?

After the successes of Chronicle, there is absolutely no reason other than a lack of budget to make a found footage type film that looks this atrocious. I couldn't stomach the constant shaking of the camera and the hour and a half spent mostly in the dark as the cameraman runs down unlit hallway after unlit hallway with little breaks to maybe see something scary.Despite the eerie setting, this film has absolutely nothing going for it other than the Oliver Stone cameo at the beginning.

Honestly, I have no reason to say any more about this movie. I thought it looked cool and I disappointingly  bought the blu-ray. I'll never watch it again and you shouldn't either. Go watch an episode of Honey Boo Boo. It's much scarier than this bullshit.