New To DVD: 2016 Obama's America

Billed as a documentary, 2016 is actually a fear mongering, speculative work based on one simple idea: Don't vote for Obama again. The movie is a self serving, terribly edited piece of low budget propaganda that spends the first ten minutes establishing filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza's apparent similarities to Obama but literally falls face first as I realized this man is truly in love with himself.

2016: Obama's America paints our president as an anti-colonialist, race manipulator that has no interest in repairing our country, but is instead plotting the demise of our financial system, the dismantling of our military, and the destabilization of the U.S. as a whole. D'Souza spends an hour and twenty five minutes trying to develop this picture of the U.S. in 2016. But, then only spends five minutes explaining the outcome: A socialist United States in absolute ruin. It seems the facts didn't really add up and they found an easy way out: skip the big conclusion. I wonder why.

In light of the facts presented, my opinion is not swayed. 2016: Obama's America is more of a personal attack than an actual documentary. It is a cheapened form of fact twisting that serves Dinesh  D'Souza's enormous ego. If anyone has ever liked to hear themselves talk, it's this man. Yet, I give him credit for never questioning the birthplace of President Obama.

If you're a fan of boredom and squirming in your seat, check this movie out. Personally, I'd rather watch another documentary about the food industry or obesity in America.

NOTE: Please no political discussions in the comments section. This review is based on the merits of 2016 as a documentary. This is not a political forum.