Screener: Cosplayers - The Movie

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The latest independent film that's been submitted for review is a 45 minute documentary called Cosplayers: The Movie. It's a film that chronicles the loyal fanbase of anime and their distinct obsession with costume play.

This is a fun documentary that truly shows the anime and manga fan base in a whole new light. Many people dismiss these people as nerds or geeks that don't have a life. Sadly, they are wrong. These are dedicated fans with a true sense of family and community. They share a brotherhood/sisterhood centered around their favorite characters, all the while having an absolute blast at anime conventions.

As the documentary plays out, it loses a little focus. Instead of concentrating on the "cosplayers", it veers off in to an interview with a voice actor which ultimately takes away from the main subject of the movie. I really wanted to get an inside look at the people that take costume play to a whole new level. Too much time was spent on other topics like movie pirating and fan dubbing. If Cosplayers: The Movie had been 15 minutes longer and spent that time on the topic on hand, I would have absolutely loved it.

I give the director an A for effort. This was a great idea for a documentary, but could have used a few more minutes centered on the Cosplayers.

The video can be watched here.