Cinematic Releases: The Bay

Barry Levinson's latest feature, The Bay, is a sad attempt to cash in on the found footage genre with one of  the most god awful movies I've ever seen. It's an absolute snore fest that tries to offer something different with it's documentary feel but ultimately fails with a predictable plot and sub par acting from a who's who cast of absolute nobodies.

After Chronicle, my hopes for future found footage type films were raised. Sadly, the downward trend continues with these low budget features that lack any plot, character development or attention to detail. I was shocked to see that Levinson was crossing in to this type of film making and thought it might work out for the best. It doesn't. The Bay is his worst film and just a sad directorial attempt that falters while trying to cross genres.

The Bay takes a unique sci-fi/horror idea and sucks the life out of it by not taking any chances or producing something unique. Instead, it sputters out within the first fifteen minutes with a highly predictable plot and non-dynamic actors that couldn't act their way out of a high school drama class.  Don't waste your time with this crap.