Cinematic Releases: Flight

Denzel Washington abandons the action thrillers he's been making the past few years and returns to the dramatic realm that defined most of his career. Unfortunately, this Robert Zemeckis directed film is a bumbling emotional wreck that over stays it's welcome with scene after scene of an unlikable character in a situation that would have never gotten this out of control.

Marketed as a drama about an airline pilot caught in the cross hairs of an investigation, we're actually given a two hour film that spends two hours focused on alcoholism and dependency issues. This is not what I signed on for. Flight looked like it would be a gripping, realistic drama based on the life of an airline pilot and the legal entanglement he would face after an in flight accident. Too bad it turned out to be a boring movie that never gets off the ground.

Flight is the sad victim of Hollywood's obsession with bad marketing tactics and ploys. If I had known this was going to be a slow moving character piece about a man's alcohol soaked liver, I would have gone to see The Man With The Iron Fists instead. Watch this movie when it's released for home video. This is not worth the admission price. It's average at best.