Cinematic Releases: Skyfall

The best Bond movie ever? Hardly. No Bond girl? What the hell were they thinking?

All the early reviews were quite misleading in their representation or critique. While it's a great action/espionage film in the realm of the classic Bond movies, it's hardly the best. Where it does succeed is by finally delivering the best villain in this updated version of 007 and one that will definitely rank amongst the classics I grew up with. Skyfall finally introduces some characters that were missing from the first two films while also giving us a brief throwback to the gadgets that made the original Bond films so fun.

Skyfall is a definite departure from the last two entries and quite possibly the best in this latest series starring Daniel Craig. Yet, I'm still hard pressed to say that this is better than Casino Royale. Where Casino Royale built the foundation for this new series, Skyfall finally engages the viewer in some well choreographed action sequences and a solid James Bond story, which was ultimately lacking in Quantum of Solace.

Despite an amazing opening sequence, Skyfall doesn't move at the frenetic pace I had hoped for but eventually gets moving around the half way point. The script is more defined this time and thematically a stronger James Bond entry overall. Still, don't expect this to be the definitive Daniel Craig James Bond film. I think we're still waiting for that one. Maybe next time......

Quite a bit different from the suave Bond of earlier films, Craig still does his best to bring a certain realism to the role that modernizes the character while maintaining some semblance of the Bond I grew up with. Skyfall is a better Bond film than Quantum of Solace and is definitely worth the admission price. Just don't expect to be amazed. It falls a bit short.

note: It's 3 a.m. This is probably not the best review I've ever written.