New To Blu: The Day

In the wake of the successful post-apocalyptic film The Road, we've been shamefully piled upon with movies that are trying to rip off the style and stark color that was unique to that film. The Day is another boring retread that throws us into a world in ruin as a nomadic group searches for food and shelter despite the depressing, colorless environment in which they live. This movie is not only a rip off but is a sad testament to Shannyn Sossamon's talentless existence and her terrible attempt at a southern accent.

Lately, it seems that there have been several movies that are trying to capture the same tone as The Road, but all have failed miserably. Even more, I want an explanation as to why every movie has to paint the future as a world void of color and a place that's inhabited with miserable rednecks that crave nothing more than violence and bloodshed. Can't anyone have an original thought when it comes to creating a film about the future?

I think it speaks volumes that this movie is being distributed by the WWE. Everything they've been attached to has been some of the worst crap ever delivered to home video. The Day is distinct proof that a wrestling company doesn't belong anywhere near the film industry and needs to stop distributing this kind of mindless entertainment devoid of any redeeming qualities. The Day belongs in the record books as one of the worst acted, terribly scripted, plotless movies ever made. Stay far away from this terrible movie.