Screener: Concealed - The 360 Film

Every once in a while, we're submitted an independent film that makes us question Hollywood's motives and why they're not using skilled and youthful directors like the ones that make movies like these. Concealed is a unique short film that introduces a new take on film making. Concealed is the first film ever made from an all encompassing 360 degree perspective. This offers a brave new idea in movie making and it's much appreciated. If anything, this movie is extremely nice to look at.

While the film excels on it's artistic merits, it's struggles to maintain a natural dialogue between characters. At times, they seem a bit stiff and unnatural. But, they're trying something dynamic. I can't imagine it was an easy task to get perfect performances from actors trying to pull this off. Concealed is more an expression of cinematic boundary pushing than it is a lesson in acting. For this, I give them my seal of approval. Lance Martin's performance as "Ex-Cop" is by far the standout in this movie. He seems extremely natural in his line delivery and is completely comfortable in front of the camera.

If you're surfing the web and looking for something interesting to watch, check out Concealed. It's available to watch at this link. This is not your typical amateur film, but a vision of where film making could possibly go. Concealed is a twenty minute immersive experience in amateur film making at it's creative best. I applaud their attempt at creating something new that isn't defined by Hollywood standards. This is what we need more of.