New To Blu: Silent Night

To call this a remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night is a sad cash grab at trying to get fans of the original to watch this shoddy straight to video crap. Silent Night doesn't feature any of the qualities that made the first such a glorified cheesy romp of uber violence and bloodshed. This film is not a remake, but just another movie featuring Santa with a knife as he walks around killing people aimlessly. At least the first gave us a bit of back story and some absolutely terrifying scenes of graphic horror. Silent Night simply goes over the top with pointless scenes that aren't even that shocking.

I've been a fan of Silent Night, Deadly Night for years. My hopes were rather high that this could be a successful modern take on the slayer Santa genre but sadly, I was again disappointed in this modern form of horror that doesn't spend a single second developing a back story or character. Instead, we're thrown in to a cops vs. Santa movie that is devoid of any plot or decent dialogue. Silent Night goes the complete opposite direction of the I Spit On Your Grave remake. Instead of paying respect to the original, it skips over everything that made Silent Night, Deadly night such a dynamic entry at the time of release and makes a terrible mistake by trying to recreate the Grandpa scene.

Silent Night is one of the worst horror movies I've seen this year. It's just a terrible remake that was made to milk the legacy of a movie that shocked audiences in the 80's. To sum it up, stay far away from Silent Night. By now we all know that Santa is evil and don't need any more convincing. And please, don't make a sequel. Nothing could be more pointless than this.