New To Blu: All Superheroes Must Die

All Superheroes Must Die or VS. as it was previously called is a low budget action film made on a shoestring budget of only twenty thousand dollars. In that aspect, the film is an achievement in modern film making. However, some of the flaws definitely out weigh the positives. Despite some cheap looking costumes, terrible sets, and overall cheese factor, the film looks damn good for a movie made on a shoestring budget. And the basic story is not too bad either. It presents a new take on the worn out super hero genre with a dark, twisted tale of a Joker/Lex Luthor hybrid hell bent on destroying all super heroes.

Overall, I enjoyed most of the movie but still found glaring plot holes and questionable motivation for the characters. We're never given any back story as to the villain Rickshaw other than he's been defeated one too many times by this group of heroes. Without too much background,  the film mildly fails in it's over dramatics and melancholy attitude. Also, the movie takes itself way too seriously for the subject matter and could have been lightened up a bit with some added comedic elements.

All Superheroes Must Die is truly a mixed bag of good and bad. The action is underdeveloped but the film looks great. There isn't much back story yet the creators do a bang up job with such a low budget. In all honesty, it's not going to win any awards but gives me some hope that there are young directors willing to go against the grain by making movies like this. I'm sure it wasn't an easy task to pull this one off. For that, I give them much credit and will give this one a passing mark.