5 Questions With Producer Robert Galinsky

TMS: What can you tell us about your latest project, Dust and Glory? I've read great things already and people are extremely excited about this project. Numerous friends and people I know have heard about the project and are very excited to see this come to fruition.

RG: It's going to be THE "love poem" to Australia in 1956, last days of the big radio times before TV and the biggest car race in the world.  World audiences love cars, romance, and the 50's.

TMS: I love Australian movies but I love Australian movies about fast cars in the outback even more. Who could forget Mad Max? How long have you been working on Dust and Glory and has it been a long road to get it to the screen? 

RG: My business partner in Top Cat Films Elizabeth Howatt-Jackman got the book rights 8 years ago, I adapted the novel 5 years ago, we signed director Simon West 15 months ago and are in discussions with cast with a plan to shoot late this year.

TMS: The rumor mill is swirling that Ryan Gosling is going to sign on to play the main character in the movie. Is there any truth to this and if so how close are you to getting him to sign on? Personally, I think Ryan is a great talent and loved his portrayal in Drive. 

RG: We love him, but nothing official on him that we can share at this writing or any other name. Stay tuned! 

TMS: I've been telling people for the last couple years that Australia is simply making better films than Hollywood. Films like The Loved Ones, Red Hill and Animal Kingdom have been some of my absolute favorites of the past couple years. What do you think makes Australia such a great place to make movies and do you see the motion picture industry making a big leap to more Australian based productions?

RG: We have great cast, great light, amazing locales, and 'can do' attitude.  It's the next Hollywood here within 10 years.

TMS: Now the other exciting news. Robert's company is taking the reigns on a MichaeI Hutchcence biopic. I've been a huge fan of INXS since 1982. I actually saw them on their first major tour of the U.S. when they opened for Men At Work. They're still my all time favorite band and I've cited Michael Hutchence as my main artistic influence over and over again. What can fans expect from the Hutchence biopic you're working on? And will it be focused on the band or centered on Hutchence himself?

RG: It's a Hutchence "life" and years after he died and the huge financial battles that ensued.  It's WALK THE LINE meets RAY but with a rock and roller.   INXS is obv a big part of the film, but everything before them and after his demise is a big part also.  The wonderful book by Tina Hutchence and her late mother is the source material.

TOP CAT FILMS is producing DUST AND GLORY in association with BLUE STAR PRODUCTIONS and CASCADE FILMS.   APEX FELINE FILMS is producing TWO WORLDS COLLIDING in association with JUST A MAN productions. 

More details can be found at ROBERTLEWISGALINSKY.com