Cinematic Releases: Bullet To The Head

After the terrible Expendables features and the minor let down of Arnold's return in The Last Stand, I was still keeping an open mind about Sly Stallone's latest film, Bullet To The Head. I was not completely let down.

I'm an admitted action junkie and have been holding out hope that one of these days we'd get something that is merely close to a movie either of those stars made in their heyday. Lately, most action movies lack the distinct villains, great one liners and well choreographed action that were the foundation for the genre. I think Bullet To The Head is about the closest we're ever going to get.

It's not even close to being a perfect action film, but it's definitely a couple steps in the right direction for the lost art of American action cinema. Stallone finally comes full circle with a movie that lets him kick ass while adding a humorous flair to a character that could have easily turned in to a cardboard cutout. If anything, he's never boring in Bullet To The Head. Jason Momoa plays the resident evil doer while Christian Slater does his best to steal the few scenes he's actually involved in. Sung Kang of the Fast and Furious series plays Stallone's sidekick to his best potential.

Bullet To The Head is not ground breaking cinema and it's far from being Sly Stallone's best work. But, it's an entertaining piece that gives him an outlet to do what he does best. The movie has some thrills and a few edge of your seat moments, all the while maintaining a modern twist. If you can look past the thin plot and some over used action elements, give it a shot. It's definitely one of the best he's made since the last Rambo flick.