New To Blu: Girls Against Boys

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This week sees the release of a twisted female empowerment genre entry called Girls Against Boys. It's a Starz direct to video release that stars current horror maven Danielle Panabaker in the lead role with gingerly Nicole LaLiberte starring as her deranged partner in crime.

It's not the best horror film I've seen this year but it's not the worst either. There are some redeeming qualities but overall it thematically resembles many films of the last twenty years.

As current domestic horror films go, this one follows the latest trend with a story based in reality. The film could be considered a modern twist on the vengeance films of the seventies mixed with the torture porn genre and the feminine survivalist themes of the eighties. Where the film does fail is in it's desire to wear its apparent influences on its sleeve. Any fan of movies or horror will be able to dissect this movie down to each cinematic element that makes up Girls Against Boys.

If you're looking for something simple to watch and have a desire for watching men die in painful ways, you'll like Girls Against Boys. If you're looking for a movie that glaringly steals themes from other movies, also check out Girls Against Boys. However, if you want to watch a classic movie about a woman getting even, take the time to see the classic I Spit On Your Grave or even the remake. Both are far greater revenge films than this.