Screeners: Beer and Seed

For the second time this week we've had an independent comedy screener submitted for review. And once again, we've been entertained by a low budget indie flick that knows exactly how to make us laugh. Beer and Seed is the simple tale of one older man's journey through the youthful landscape of university life and all the "seedy" things that might go on behind closed doors.

Many independent films comedy or otherwise struggle with performances that aren't believable. Typically the actors are of little to no experience and often times struggle under the lead of an inexperienced director. This is what sets Beer and Seed apart from many of the other independent films we've seen. The quality of acting and comedic sensibilities definitely set this film far above many of the comedies we receive.

Beer and Seed is available for rental on Amazon or by visiting this link. It's a modern comedy about an older gentleman and his experiences when he returns to college life. It's a fun and introspective look at one man's journey to recapture his youth although his time has passed.

Check it out. It's only $1.99 for a 7 day rental. You may be happy you did.