Screeners: Let's Make A Movie

Writing movie reviews is always interesting. And even more interesting are the films that get submitted to us sometimes.

To me, some of the best pieces I've seen the past couple years have been the independent films that we're sent to review. They seem to have the heart that most major films seem to lack these days. Recently, we were asked to check out another indie comedy called Let's Make A Movie. What better kind of movie to review than a movie about people making a movie? And even better, it's a lighthearted comedy that doesn't take itself too seriously while maintaining a good sense of character.

The film seems like a cross between an old John Hughes movie and something you might see on The Disney Channel. The film is light on it's feet and the comedy is never brash or profane. It's actually just right for a mixed audience which is quite nice in this era of constant foul humor.  While the actors aren't the best, they still seem to have a comic timing that works well between the main players. Let's Make A Movie is not perfect, but it's a nice look at what it takes to make an independent film and the teamwork it takes to get a project done. 

If you get a chance, take the time to check this one out. People that enjoy movies and how they're made will like this comedic inside look.

If you'd like further info on the film, you can check out the trailer here