Streamers: Sound City

Sound City is Dave Grohl's love note to the studio that produced some of the greatest albums of the last fifty years. It's a proclamation of the studio's effect on the music business and its long fabled rise, its eventual fall, and Grohl's dedication to bringing Sound City back from the dead. The film features many legendary rock players alongside a who's who list of producers, engineers and record executives.

Sound City is a movie that any musician or gear head will fully understand and want to watch over and over again. Being involved in bands for the last twenty years, I definitely enjoy most movies or documentaries about music. Sound City is easily one of the best I've ever seen. Despite a little too much time spent on Grohl's present musical project, the film is an endearing one that chronicles the historical aspect of the studio while maintaining an educational aspect for those that may be ignorant to the techniques used to record an album. Unlike many other documentaries about rock and roll, Sound City splits its focus. It's not only an inside look at the famed studio, but is a detailed story about music lovers, musicians, teamwork and dedication to the craft.

I checked this out on Amazon streaming last night, not really sure what to expect. What I got was a history lesson wrapped up in a near perfect package of musical excellence. This is a musician's movie to the full extent. Any fan of music will definitely want to check out Sound City time and time again. From the analog era to the digital age, it's a film that captures the journey of the famed studio and never disrespects either way of capturing music. Grohl shines a spotlight on both, showing how the modern era can successfully intermingle the two opposing recording formats.

Take the time to watch this one. It's definitely worth the $6.99 rental cost. I may watch it again tonight.