photo 047e0d90-ec16-4a31-8ccf-4a583be33866_zps65c68227.jpg Cinematic Releases: Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down is the latest film starring a morose Colin Farrell in one of his best roles to date. It also stars a redeemed Terrence Howard as the kingpin of a ruthless thug army. This is a stark, dreary, depressing gangster/romance film that moves at a snail's pace while serving up a gritty tale of vengeance that can only end one way: badly.

Directed by Niels Arden Oplev (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), the film has a familiar style and pacing. It's brooding in its delivery, slowly building towards a bloody climax. Comparatively, the two films look extremely similar and have almost the exact same sense of tone.

From the second I laid eyes on the trailer for this, I knew I had to see it. The film was directly marketed at people like myself. I love a good thriller, especially when it stars a cast like this. Dead Man Down is a dark, introverted tale of revenge that is a far cry from anything Farrell has ever done as an actor. He finally comes full circle, becoming a leading man to be reckoned with. His emotional depth can be felt not only through his line delivery but by the look in his eyes. Rapace is also on point with her first starring role since Prometheus. She excels as the hardened leading lady with a taste for retribution. Howard finally breaks the Iron Man curse by doing something he's never done before.

Dead Man Down is definitely not going to be a film that everyone will enjoy. The pacing may be too slow for some and possibly too violent for others. However, it is a definite must see for anyone that enjoys great gangster films that are based on strong character development and great direction.