Cinematic Releases: A Place At The Table

A Place At The Table is a new documentary that gives an inside look at the food shortage that is currently happening in the United States. The film presents an informative and mildly political perspective on exactly what is causing the problems in the food industry and the health problems it is generating. From rural America to the big city, there are people that are malnourished and living off bagged chips and sugar soaked products, causing an influx of medical issues unlike anything this country has seen before.

Children are not getting the food they need and are instead handed a bag of Fritos and a can of Mountain Dew with the expectation that they are going to grow up strong and healthy. Is this how you want our future leaders to be raised? A Place At The Table spends it's short run time documenting the past and future of food poverty in America with a real focus on how and why this has happened. It's a disgusting trend that is leading our country down a path that can only lead to more sickness. This movie demands progress and it petitions politicians to take an active role in defining the future.

As a parent and someone that has come to the realization that healthy eating is the cure, A Place At The Table is not just a documentary but is a rare perspective at how the food industry is defining the strength of our nation. Any one that has children or is interested in healthy lifestyles needs to see this movie. If anything, it will only strengthen the views you already have and will give you statistics to prove everything you've been telling the people that doubt your healthy eating habits.