Cinematic Releases: Spring Breakers

What could have slid off course into a simplistic sex fueled spring break romp, turns the party film genre on its head with one of the best looking films of 2013 so far. Spring Breakers is a film that needs some breathing room to get its point across and is an editor's wet dream brought to the screen. While the movie takes some sweet time to build a story, we get enough drugs, tits and ass to satisfy any fan of the 80's party films while also paying due respect to the crime sagas its so influenced by. To best describe Spring Breakers, I would call it a dynamic pairing of a female led Project X mixed with Girls Gone Wild and Natural Born Killers.

James Franco's role in Spring Breakers is one of his best to date. It's an absolute break away from anything we've seen him do before. He quickly leaves behind his rendition of Oz the Great and Powerful to become a down and dirty white trash Floridian gangster with a mouth full of steel and an arsenal of assault weapons. Also on the bill are Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez doing their best to finally leave the Disney brand  behind while becoming full grown adult stars. Hudgens succeeds while Gomez struggles to break the innocence curse. However, that could just be her role. Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine star as the other two criminally minded spring break offenders.

Spring Breakers is a refreshing film that will definitely divide audiences with it's stylistic editing and repetitive use of audio cuts. What the film lacks in character development it makes up for with a feeling that the bottom is suddenly going to fall out on the film altogether. From beginning to end, there is a chronic sense of tension that lets you know this is not going to end nicely.

If you're in the mood for something different that isn't your typical party film, I would suggest seeing Spring Breakers. It's a nice surprise that thinks outside the box while mixing genres together almost perfectly.