Cinematic Releases: Stoker

"That movie was like porn for people that like violence. It was violence porn. I hated it!", says the woman outside the theater.

"Ummmm. Have you ever seen a Chan-Wook Park movie?", I responded. "You just don't get it!".

Chan-Wook Park makes his English speaking debut with a Hitchcock inspired tale that slowly materializes in to one of the most unique films of 2013. Park has directed such modern foreign classics as Oldboy and Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance. His latest film, Stoker will likely not appeal to a mass market but will go down as a misunderstood thriller that will eventually build a cult following.

None of Park's films are easy. In fact, they are pieces of theatrical art that challenge the viewer with scenes of extreme violence and picturesque imagery, always delivering an epic payoff. Stoker does just that. The film moves at a dreary pace, finally building to a conclusion that made me smile from ear to ear. The film never plays to the audience, making it an actual theatrical experience versus a typical American film of this genre. But again, I'm sick in the head and love these types of movies.

For a first outing as a writer, Wentworth (Prison Break) Miller, presents a unique thriller that is truly an inspired piece of work. Stoker is not standard American cinematic fare and is skillfully scripted. It's a bloody charming excursion in to madness built upon a foundation of three outstanding actors that were handed a decisive script written perfectly for a director like Park.

If you're experienced in Park's cinematic visions, you will enjoy this latest effort. It's not as as visceral as his past work, but is a definite step in the right direction as a first English speaking entry. This movie may not be a slam dunk hit for the masses at large, but will ultimately go down as a cult classic and as a possible sleeper hit. The snail's pace may scare some off but this is the type of movie you need to stick with.