Five Questions with Jason Trost: Director of All Superheroes Must Die

TMS: All Superheroes Must Die or VS. perfectly captures a modern take on many classic comic book themes but offers a unique twist in plot. Where did you draw from and what was your inspiration behind making All Superheroes Must Die? Was there a certain comic book character or storyline that inspired this film?

JT: Well thanks. My main inspiration was Batman The Animated Series from the early 90's. For me, that was my favorite visual representation of superheroes. I grew up watching that show everyday after grade school, so it's definitely inspired me ever since. 

TMS: Was it hard finding funding for the film? Was this something you funded yourself or did you have backers behind the project? I can imagine it's hard getting a creative project like this done if you don't have a corporate money trough to fund your every move. 

JT: Yeah, finding funding is almost near impossible, unless you want to have some rich guy's daughter who isn't an actor be a main character in your movie or something. It's always the "is the juice worth the squeeze" mentality... and it usually isn't. But in the end, I'd rather have less money and be able to make the movie right then make something I have no say in.

TMS: Who are your main influences when producing a film? Who are your favorite directors and what movies played a part in inspiring this latest release?

JT: James Cameron and Walter Hill inspire me a lot on these type of movies. I love the worlds they create, the no bullshit characters and I love how they're not afraid to make movies where you hit the ground running and figure it out as you go. 

TMS: So, can we get a little inside information on your next project? And will we possibly see a return to your reality based super heroes universe?

JT: My next project is #WetAndReckless. It's a really silly adventure movie. It's like National Treasure meets Jersey Shore. The whole thing is shot like a reality TV show and I'm very curious to see if people get the joke. But, knowing my movies... They most likely won't. And I would love to return to the All Superheroes Must Die universe. I finished the script for the sequel and I really love it, but finding funding is hard and I only want to make the movie if people (fans) actually want it. And judging by the majority's reaction to the first film, not only should I not make another superhero movie, but never make any movie ever again, so we'll see. I'd have to know that people actually want a sequel before I'd make one, I don't want it to just be an ego thing where I'm making a movie no one wants to see. 

TMS: What is Jason Trost's dream project? Who would you want to work with and what kind of movie would you like to make? 

JT: Unfortunately most of my dream projects I can't talk about because I don't want anyone to steal them! But if I could make anything in the whole world tomorrow I'd honestly love to just make F2P (The FP 2), it's the movie I've been wanting to make since I was 18. It's makes the first one look like a Pauly Shore film. But who knows, you never know what's going to happen. And if anyone's listening I also wouldn't mind being a new Snake Plissken or Cyclops from X-Men. Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge.

The Movie Sleuth thanks Jason for taking time away from his busy schedule and can't wait to see his next project....