Movie News: Raimi Back For More Evil Dead?

new-evil-dead-movie-not-a-remakeThe rumor mill is circling once again that Mr. Sam Raimi is back on to return to the original Evil Dead franchise with another entry in the Ash story line. Supposedly, he's going to draft a script this coming summer that would bring our favorite time traveling deadite slayer back to the forefront of the franchise he created.

With the remake coming up so soon, will this be overkill, confusing to non-fans of the original series, or will it be a great return to a long dead horror franchise? I'm feeling mixed emotions about this one. I think it could be great if he puts his mind to it. But, right now he sounds like he's more or less doing this for the rabid fan base. That could be a good thing or it could be a bad thing dependent on his intentions and dedication to the project.

Alright, you primitive screwheads!!! What do you think? Will Bruce Campbell still have the skills to pull this off? Will Raimi turn this in to the Spiderman 3 of horror movies? Will the fruit cellar lady ever get what she wants?