New To Blu: The Collection

Mix a little Saw with bit of Hellraiser with some Freddy thrown on top. Then blend more Saw with the opening sequence of Ghost Ship and a little Jason to finish it off with a Texas Chainsaw garnish and just a squeeze of every other horror cliche. There you have it, The Collection.

It's really sad what most American horror films have become. When exactly did it become okay to rape and pillage every past genre entry to make a new film? The Collection is just that. The movie is a "collection" of every horror movie of the last twenty years all wrapped in to one painstakingly bad release that doesn't contain one single ounce of creativity or originality.While I think influences are an important part of film making, this director takes way too many theft like liberties while not maintaining one original thought.

If I could mix the Saw series with every movie about a masked madman living in an abandoned warehouse, I would be watching this awful sequel. The best thing about the movie is the gorgeous female heroine, which in itself is another typical expectation from almost any American horror movie. The Collection doesn't fail to deliver gore and blood, but sadly most of it comes from traps and torture devices that The Collector has built. Wow. How original.

Take it from this horror fan. I can say to skip this one with absolute certainty that you'd be better off watching a rerun of Honey Boo Boo. That would be much scarier and probably more entertaining. The Collection is just cheap, uninspired film making of the highest order that does not deserve a dime of your hard earned money. I could go on, but I cannot qualify any more key strokes.