Streamers: My Amityville Horror

We've all heard the story time and time again. And we've all seen the numerous movies about the haunting at 112 Ocean Avenue. The first film was made back in 1974 shortly after the strange happenings in the Lutz residence. This movie spawned a series of horrendous sequels and a remake starring Ryan Reynolds in 2005. No matter how many times the story has been told, one thing has never been certain. What really happened inside that house and were there evil forces at work? My Amityville Horror makes an attempt to answer these questions by spending time with a fully grown Daniel Lutz, who was one of the children that lived in the home during the supposed haunting.

Unfortunately the movie never explains much other than the fact that George Lutz was probably in to the occult and black magic before they ever entered the home. The film personifies George as an anti-social person with a strong, overbearing personality and not one that really liked kids. It also documents the fact that 45 year old Daniel Lutz has experienced some type of trauma or abuse that has made him a non-trusting individual that thinks everyone is out to get him. Time and time again, you can see that he is a troubled person. Whether this was caused by events in the house or something else is never truly shown and it ultimately paints him as half off his rocker.

While the film tries to expand in to the events in the home and whether it was actually haunted, My Amityville Horror drifts in and out of focus never really giving the explanation or final confirmation I was looking for. If you're like me and know a little bit about the Amityville Horror and the tragic events that happened in that house, you will enjoy bits and pieces of the movie. But overall it never gives any solid answers other than the sad simple fact that Daniel Lutz has some emotional issues. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to bash the man in the least bit. It's just what I walked away with. I would probably have some issues if I grew up in that house too.