Streamers: The Sound of Wings

Ryan Burtney's latest short is a 6 minute ethereal piece of art that doesn't spend any time pandering to it's audience. Instead the film gives a brief, surreal look in to a middle aged man's possible encounter with the after life and his venture towards making amends with his time spent on earth. The film is dark and mysterious, all the while maintaining an artistic use of lighting and an extremely dynamic use of narration.

Zenisphere is continually producing cutting edge shorts that seem to test the bounds of what can be done on a limited budget with all attention paid to developing character and story. The Sound of Wings does just that all in the matter of six minutes. This is a darkened visual poem that recounts one man's journey to acceptance and does so with emotional precision.

I can only imagine how hard it is to limit yourself to such a short length while trying to get your point across. And Burtney succeeds. I truly enjoyed this piece and have watched it numerous times. I think you should too. Zenisphere should pat itself on the back for another job well done.

The Sound of Wings is available on youtube for viewing. Click here to watch.