New To Blu: Father's Day

Exploitation, cult and B-movie fans often have to go into hiding. I don’t know how many times my taste in movies has been questioned because I like to watch what has been deemed as crap by movie connoisseurs.  You can divide bad movies into two groups: movies that are terrible and movies that KNOW they are terrible and are in on the joke. It’s like there is a whole lot of invisible nudging and winking going on with the audience—we know they are taking the piss and we love them for it. These types of movies are rare but when it works, it’s magical. Father’s Day is a perfect example of how “good” a bad movie can be.

Father’s Day is made by the collective known as Astron-6 and was produced by Troma Entertainment, known for making incredible schlocky movies. It’s a match made in heaven—or hell depending on your views on the matter. From the first frame, you know you are in for a crazy good time, with lots of blood and guts galore.  This movie probably has some of the most gratuitous, shocking, over the top gore I have ever seen.  When there aren’t severed limbs flying about, there are boobs, and when there aren’t boobs…well, there are intestines. It’s pretty awesome. The story doesn’t make a lick of sense, but the writing is really funny and it doesn’t drag at any point.  It has a really kick-ass 80s style electronic soundtrack wrapped around all the depravity making everything seem that much cooler. It’s not politically correct at all--be prepared to be offended, especially if you don’t watch these types of films often. You might want to have a beverage or two, if you catch my drift.

As an aside, I have noticed that the recent crop of faux-grindhouse movies add fake “vintage” print scratching to their films which looks really distracting when watching in high definition.  It just seems really fake-looking and unnecessary. Stick with normal film grain. This movie appeals to a certain type of movie fan, if you liked Hobo with a Shotgun, you will definitely dig this film. It’s best watched with beer, pizza and a whole bunch of open-minded friends.