New To Blu: John Dies At The End

Wow, so, I haven't seen anything quite like John Dies at the End. It's not some absurdly weird film that is so utterly insane that it can't be categorized. No, it's not that... Actually, maybe it is. I don't know. John Dies at the End comes from the future of film making standards that haven't been invented yet... or broken yet?

The film goes a million miles per hour and often feels like you could be missing huge portions of conventional story development. You're going to come to realize, whether you like it or not, that these conventions are unnecessary for John Dies at the End, because John Dies at the End does whatever John Dies at the End wants to do. Not only is the writing sharp as a scythe, but the characters are so damn entertaining, and the scenes so top-heavy with crazy quirks that you'll quickly decide it's just not worth fighting it's tractor-beam of charm.

Like Lost, but an enormously hilarious, Einstein-smart, not-so-disappointing version of Lost, this film keeps your mind reeling with guesses while incessantly being hugely amusing on its rocket trail to its explosively unique destination -- wherever the hell that is. Dude, this movie is out there.

I love this flick. It's impossible to be bored watching it, unless you suck at loving great movies and don't like smiling. Smiling's not your thing. That's fine. Maybe John Dies at the End isn't your cup of hard neon green absinthe wriggling through your liver like a skinless snake demon. Totally understandable, but this film is exquisitely unique in just damn near every way. Man, am I tripping balls or did I just watch John Dies at the End?

- J.G. Barnes