New To Blu: Repo Man

Remember when Emilio Estevez used to be in a lot of cool movies?  I do. Repo Man is definitely one of his best films (if you don’t count the Mighty Duck movies). The 1980s were a prime time for cult movies; it seemed like film directors were given more leeway with how to make their movies.

Repo Man moves at a quick pace and doesn’t spend too much time setting up the story and the characters.  Estevez plays a rebel who gets swept into events far past his carefree lifestyle.  He plays a punk well, full of explosive energy and a bad attitude.

This was made at the height of the punk scene in the eighties and the director captures the spirit quite well.  The soundtrack is amazing and features a lot of well-known punk bands from the era. It was scored by band members from The Plugz, so it has that authentic touch. Because the film moves so fast, it can be easy to miss details but it never gets boring at any point. The acting could be better from the side characters but it doesn’t ruin the film overall.

This movie is often on the top in cult movie lists, and I can see why.  It’s crazy, aggressive, not PC and subversive. It’s a good place to start if you want to get into cult movies and is a classic for a reason.