Cinematic Releases: Fast and Furious 6

The Fast and Furious marches on with one of the best entries in the series. Every couple years we get another one of these high octane, action packed franchise films. Somehow they always deliver nonsensical plots mixed with edge of your seat car chases, fight scenes, and a cast of oblivious actors that really don't do much other than make Fast and Furious movies. But, that's okay. These movies are meant to be a good time and a guilty pleasure for those of us that can occasionally write a movie off as pure escapist fun. That's exactly what Fast and Furious 6 is. This time they blend a Die Hard type plot and a technological aspect to the movie and it actually works, making this an enjoyable thrill ride that takes the series to a new level.

As with the other movies, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel do the best they can with limited acting talent and about as many cheesy one liners as I could possibly take in a two hour movie about smashing up cars. However, I knew exactly what to expect. These movies never change and they never should. It's about having fun and that's all. The other non-actors carry the weight of the movie with a sense of humor and help carry the undying message of "family". Could they mention it one more time? The massive Dwayne Johnson is probably the most well rounded actor of the bunch (I feel weird saying that) and truthfully steals the show. Gina Carano plays second fiddle to The Rock and has obviously taken a few acting lessons since her first starring gig in Haywire.

When watching these movies you have to know what you're getting yourself into. They're big fun rolled into a shiny package of endless car chase scenes and destruction. For some reason, I always enjoy myself. I've honestly never met a Fast and Furious movie that I didn't somewhat enjoy or call a cinematic indulgence. Are  they great movies? No. But, I can always kick back, put my mind at ease and know that I'm in for a hell of a ride with these guys.

I'm teetering on my rating with this one. If I'm to weigh it out against other movies, I'd give it a three out of five. But, when compared to the other entries in the series, I'd give it a four.