5 Questions With: Jason Trost - Star of Hatchet III

A while back we talked to filmmaker and actor Jason Trost about his film All Superheroes Must Die. Well, he liked us so much, he decided to come back to do another interview with Michelle Kisner.

TMS: The Hatchet series is a fun homage to old school horror movies—what are some of your favorite horror icons?
JT: My favorite horror icon would have to be John Carpenter. He's made two of my favorite horror films of all time, The Fog and The Thing. Everything he did was just so simple and awesome. I think a lot of horror these days gets way too convoluted for it's own good. Simplicity is scary. Your imagination will complicate it enough.
TMS: How did you like working on the Hatchet 3 set and with director BJ McDonnell?
JT: Hatchet 3 was honestly one of my favorite acting experiences to date. BJ is not only a visual mastermind but he's great with actors which is rare. He super positive, super motivational and always pushes you to have more fun. He just inspires you to make him proud. It was so great to just be taking direction from the director. There were no producers behind the monitor sneaking notes in. It really was just BJ's movie which was great.
TMS: Do you think that Direct-to-Video is going to be the future of releasing films? Does it make it easier for Indie filmmakers?
JT: I think for all "non-studio" movies, absolutely. If your movie doesn't have robots blowing up skyscrapers, any theatrical run is just advertising the home video release. I think the $6.99 price tag is also a lot more attractive than the $15-20 you spend at the theater. I'll give a lot more movies a chance for $6.99 and I don't think I'm alone there.
TMS: Did I spy a cameo of JTRO in This Is The End?! How did you get hooked up with that?
JT: Yes you did. Basically I was out in New Orleans to shoot Hatchet 3 which got pushed right when I got there. So I was staying with my brother who was the Director of Photography for This is the End and found out he had shown Seth and Evan our movie The FP. I found out one night while getting drunk with them that they loved it and all the sudden I was on the call sheet as a Cannibal. I guess things happen for a reason.
TMS: I hear that you are a huge video game fan! Are you more excited for Xbox One or PS4?
JT: Yes I am. Almost more so than movies these days. They definitely seem to have more balls than movies. I'm way more excited about PS4. I think Xbox really shot themselves in the foot with the whole no used games and extra $100 price tag. They also have jack and shit for exclusives outside of HALO. Playstation just has way more exclusives and free online gameplay... not to mention Naughty Dog. I dunno the decision is pretty simple to me.
We thank Jason for taking the time to talk to us again and are looking forward to the potential All Superheroes Must Die 2.