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In a cinematic world filled with typical slasher films and movies that some would call torture porn, along come the Soska Sisters with a fresh new take on a genre that's grown tired. American Mary is one of the most creative and visceral cinematic pieces of 2013. At its helm are a set of twisted twins that know exactly what they want to achieve in their work: a redefinition of empowerment horror that features a strong female lead who is unafraid of doing her own dirty work.

American Mary is a terrifying film that stars the sinfully sexy Katharine Isabelle in a role that most actresses would shy away from. Yet, Isabelle latches on to the character of Mary Mason with a horrifying grace and sensual sensibility that's frightening but intriguing at the same time. Katharine's love for the character is apparent as she delivers the kind of  performance that's generally lacking in most of today's horror films.

When we discussed the film with the Soska Sisters a few months back, they mentioned that the film is a love letter to Asian and European film making. In that respect, fans of Takeshi Miike will see the definite influence on this film. And in this instance, it's a great thing. The Sisters pay respect to some of their favorite directors while maintaining an ever so important sense of independence and a creative flair that left my jaw on the floor numerous times. This is not a movie for the weak willed or for those that can't handle brutality.

American Mary has a few minor stumbling points, including a conclusion that seems to lose focus at times but eventually finds its path again. That was my only small gripe with the film. American Mary is the kick in the pants that the genre needs. The Soska Sisters should be revered for their dedication to making the kind of film they wanted to make, never hesitating in their apparent love for all things horror.

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