Detroit On Film: A Band Called Death

Long before bands like The Clash, The Ramones, or the Sex Pistols arrived, there was a "protopunk" trio from Detroit called Death. They were before their time and visionaries that came and went before anyone knew they existed. A Band Called Death explores their humble beginnings, their untimely demise, and their resurgence on the scene thirty five years later. The film is a portrait of three musically talented brothers whose undying dedication to music made them one of the most creative projects to come out of the Detroit music scene.

A Band Called Death is the exact reason I love documentaries about music so much. It paints a perfect picture of what being in a rock and roll band is all about. The film is about musical brotherhood, spirituality, creative vision and being involved in something extremely unique. Fellow musicians and music lovers will undoubtedly love the message of this movie. A Band Called Death is not just a film about three brothers playing music, but is a testament to the dedication that goes in to the creative process of music and the trials of trying to get a record deal while maintaining artistic integrity.

A Band Called Death is perfectly paced. In a short run time, it explores the evolving relationships between the brothers and the extended history of the band without ever losing focus or feeling rushed. Each portion of the film is given just enough time to be pertinent and detailed. Punk fans will love this musical history lesson and fellow Detroiters will enjoy finding out about a band they had possibly never heard about. Take the time to see this one. It's definitely on par with some of my favorite music documentaries.

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-Review by Chris George