Movie News: Rocky VII - CREED

"Whatchu lookin' at?"
Remember what Ivan Drago said? "If he dies, he dies". Well, don't we think its about time we let the Rocky franchise die? Rocky Balboa was a perfect bookend to a once successful franchise. Balboa focused on the aging fighter and his battle against time. While the film wasn't received well at the box office, some fans truly liked the way they concluded Rocky's journey. As we know, an ending is never an ending unless the franchise star dies in real life. And even then, we just end up with tireless remakes......

Apparently some studio execs think it's time to revitalize the Rocky franchise with a new beginning. This time, Rocky as the trainer and the grandson of Apollo Creed becoming a contender. Director Ryan Coogler is taking the reigns this time around. Coogler had a fair amount of success this past summer with his drama, Fruitville Station.

I'm not sold on this idea and think its time to leave well enough alone. But, MGM thinks its time to cash in again. I guess we'll see what happens. Personally, I'd rather see a tag team Drago/Hulk VS. Clubber Lang/Tommy Gunn cage match to the death. But, I don't think the execs will agree.