New To Blu: Trance

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In these eyes, Danny Boyle can do no wrong. From the early days of Trainspotting to his science fiction epic Sunshine to the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionare, the man is a creative genius that can meld to any style or genre with little trepidation and a perfection of a craft that is typically lost on Hollywood hacks and over zealous CGI offenders. Boyle is all about story and character, the two main elements that make a successful film. Unlike anything he's ever done before, Trance is another chance for Boyle to flaunt his talent. He does so with a pristine mastery that is undeniable in today's dire market of film.

Part heist film, another part psychological thriller, Trance is a hard film to categorize. Boyle does his best to cross genres and succeeds at creating a mind numbing piece of quality cinematic art that is overtly sexual while never losing focus on the crime story at hand. It doesn't hurt that he has such a great cast working the screen with grace and grit like nothing else we've seen this past year. Rosario Dawson offers up one of her most erotic and best dramatic roles while the always sinister Vincent Cassel flaunts his endless grasp of evil portrayals. James McAvoy leads the show while breaking away from his standard fare.

Trance is not an easy film. In fact, it's a little confusing at times. But, this shouldn't be a reason to shy away from it. Boyle wants you to think. He wants you to put the puzzle pieces together. And mostly, he wants you to enjoy the desperate humanity of these characters and the complexity of this near perfect piece of modern art. Much like a Hitchcock film, Trance is the tale of an average everyday man put in an extreme situation. Any fan of classic thrillers or mysteries will find Trance to be one of the best offerings of the year, if not the decade.

- Review by Chris George