Article: Affleck Is Batman. Now, Get Over It!!!!

So, this week we got the big news that Ben Affleck was taking over the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Get over it.

Typically we don't comment on things like this but the whole response has been extremely silly and childish in many aspects. Ten years ago had you told me that he was going to play Batman, I probably would have laughed you out of the room. But that was then and this is now. Despite some bad choices as an actor mid-career, how has Affleck pissed you off so much that you can't show a little support for this choice? After all, they selected him. From what I understand, he didn't petition for the role. It's a big payday for an actor that's paid his dues time and time again.

Was Christian Bale really that good of a Batman and why is everyone saying they chose Affleck over Bale? They didn't. Bale was done with his time in the suit well before The Dark Knight Rises was even shooting. Okay. So, I'll admit. Bale was decent as Batman but never really impressed me as Bruce Wayne. He lacks that millionaire swagger that Bruce Wayne needs. In that aspect, Affleck may be the better choice. He's got the acting chops and definitely has the chin to pull it off.

Ben Affleck has two Oscars sitting on a mantle somewhere. I repeat, two Oscars. But, he hasn't proven himself worthy enough to portray a man in a bat suit? Honestly, his resume may not be as well suited for this type of role. So really, what does he have to do to prove himself worthy? Win two Oscars maybe. Those little statues aren't just handed out at random. There is careful consideration that goes in to who wins those precious golden men. And he deserved it both times. He also deserves some respect. When was the last time you made a movie as good as Argo, The Town, Gone Baby Gone or Good Will Hunting? I can answer that. Never. Get over yourself.

Batman is a character that's been played time and time again by numerous actors. Remember the backlash over Keaton? Remember the internet frenzy over Ledger as the Joker? I do. And I never understood the vitriol over movie/comic book characters and who might portray them. We won't know until we see the first trailer how this might turn out. We really won't know until the movie gets released in a couple years. Until then, please continue your nerd rage while you work towards winning your first Oscar.

-Chris George